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Instant Disaster Recovery Services

Customer communication continuity in an emergency

When disaster strikes and you need to reassure your customers, our disaster recovery phone system can help maintain continuity and keep your customers informed in the most professional manner.

Set up pre-recorded messages to kick in when you can’t answer the phone and need to get a message across to all callers, or route any Windsor Telecom number to any landline or mobile in an emergency.

Audio Announcement

When you need to communicate important information to all of your customers, a recorded message with our disaster recovery phone system is an excellent way to get your message across.

  • Reduce the time you need to spend on the phone
  • Handle responses without the associated staff costs
  • Have a pre-recorded message ready to go, or change at any time via My Windsor

Emergency Routing

Automatically reroute your Windsor number to any landline or mobile in an emergency or if you relocate. This ideal business disaster recovery solution is essential if your landline fails or your office needs to be evacuated.

  • Send calls to another office, mobile or answering service – and make changes at any time
  • Manage your rerouting online via My Windsor
  • Perfect if you relocate or urgently need to change where you receive calls
  • Route to a call answering service out of hours

Call Diversion

A simple and effective disaster recovery solution, Call Diversion allows you to instantly and temporarily switch incoming calls to a mobile, messaging service or another office.

  • Ensure all calls are captured should unforeseen circumstances occur
  • Instantly reroute all numbers
  • Allows a full backup should all of your target numbers fail
  • Have the ability to quickly and easily advise callers of an emergency

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