Audio Whisper

Get informed, before you take the call

A Call Whisper is a short message which plays when you pick up an incoming call before it connects. Find out which number a caller dialled before you answer, ideal for home businesses or taking business calls on your mobile.

Customise how you answer the phone

This is an ideal solution if you need to be aware of the type of call you are about to receive. Because Audio Whisper settings are specific to your Windsor phone number, this feature allows your team to identify which telephone number the caller has dialled.

In fact, you can have unlimited Windsor numbers routed to the same target number. Each could have their own customised Audio Whisper message relating to the nature of the call. The message played can be customised to convey any relevant information to your team and thus the appropriate way to answer the call.

Audio Whisper (or Call Whisper) will improve the effectiveness of your advertising or marketing campaigns. For example, you could advertise a unique Windsor number in each publication. When calls come through, they could be tagged with the relevant publication e.g. “Yellow Pages Advert” or “Local Echo Advert”.

In a similar way, this feature is also useful for people who operate more than one business, but only have one phone line or a mobile. Audio Whisper allows you to answer the phone in the correct business name.

  • Helps you answer calls more professionally
  • If you work from home, you’ll know if each call is personal or business related
  • Ideal for monitoring advertising/marketing campaigns
  • When on your mobile, you’ll know if it is a business call
  • Perfect if you operate more than one brand or company
  • An option to accept or reject the call is also available (with Audio Whisper Accept)

Audio Whisper is included in your
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With free connection and set-up, plus no need for an engineer or costly hardware, we can get your business number and call handling live the same day.

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