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Our call handling technology helps you effortlessly make the most of every business opportunity

Supercharge your memorable number from Windsor Telecom with best-in-class call handling technology and get the edge on your competitors.

Share The Load

Share The Load

Meet the challenges of variable call volumes and staff availability with our call handling services. Never let a call go unanswered.

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Intelligent Call Routing

Intelligent Call Routing

Get calls directed to the right person at any location. Keep your customers happy and guard against lost sales with intelligent call routing in no time, every time.

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ALL these best-in-class services are included in your 30-Day Free Trial

Simply choose a memorable number and get a free 30-Day trial of the complete Windsor Telecom suite of call handling services.

Help Me Choose My Business Number

Try our exclusive simple-to-use wizard and let us help you find the best phone number range to suit your business.

Compare Phone Numbers

View all of our number ranges in this handy table and at a glance compare the different options available for your business.

Call Handling Guide

The ultimate call handling guide for all Windsor Telecom services.


VoIP for Business

The essential guide to our VoIP for Business service.


Number Buying Guide

The ultimate guide to buying a memorable phone number for your business.


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