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Number Porting - Switch to Windsor

Transfer your 01, 02, 03 or 08 Numbers

Transferring your existing business phone numbers to Windsor is extremely cost effective, and above all
quick and easy. Switch to us and benefit from cost savings, more call handling features and perhaps,
most importantly, better customer service.

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Windsor has number portability agreements with the following operators:

08 & 03 Number Porting
  • BT
  • Vodafone (combined CWC/Energis/Thus/YC)
  • Virgin Media (formerly NTL)
  • Virgin Media wholesale (Telewest)
  • Magrathea Telecommunications Ltd
  • Colt
  • Talk Talk
  • Telephony Services
  • Opal
  • Redstone
  • Gamma
01/02 Geographic Number Porting
  • BT
  • Colt (limited areas)
  • Gamma
  • Level 3 – previously Global Crossing
  • Magrathea Telecommunications Ltd
  • Telephony Services – Exports only
  • Virgin Media (combined NTL/Telewest/Eurobell) limited areas
  • Vodafone (combined CWC/Energis/Thus/Your Communications)
  • Resilient – only where the range holder has ported to Resilient; we cannot port Resilient numbers.

Please note: Windsor will need to check that your telephone numbers can be ported.

How Does Porting Work? »

The rules for transferring numbers are set out by Ofcom (The industry regulator). All network operators must abide by the regulations.

  • Windsor will manage the whole porting process for you
  • You must ensure there are no outstanding bills on your existing account
  • Download the correct form from the right of this page
  • Fill in the Customer Information section with Company name, Address, Account
  • Enter number(s) to be ported with terminating numbers
  • Sign, date and print the form on company letterhead
  • Fax the authorisation letter, porting form and recent invoice/bill from your current supplier to 0333 123 8484
  • We will contact your existing provider for you and submit your porting request
  • The transfer request covers activation of your new account and disconnection of your old one
  • You will receive communication from both parties confirming your request
  • Numbers are typically ported to Windsor within 10-20 days

FAQs Regarding Number Porting »

Q. It is too difficult to contact my current supplier. What should I do now?

Do not worry - the only thing you need to do to port your numbers is give us your consent.

Q. Will there be a disruption in service?

Number porting is a straightforward proceedure for both non geographic and geographic numbers, however there are some differences in the ways the ports need to be processed:

Non Geographic numbers are already on the intelligent network and therefore the change over should be seamless.

Geographic Numbers need to move from the standard network onto the intelligent network and therefore there may be a short period of downtime, we are unable to guarantee when this will be, but we will endeavour to keep any disruption to a minimum.

Q. Will it cost me to change supplier?

There is no connection charge when porting a non-geographic number. We may charge a nominal cost to port a geographic number, dependent on your current supplier. Call us on 0333 123 1010 to find out more.

Q. Who is Windsor Telecom?

We have been providing telephone numbers and inbound call solutions since 1999 and have pedigree as one for the most trusted providers in the UK. Visit our about page to find our more about us.

Q. What does porting a number mean?

Number porting is the process by which telephone numbers are transferred between operators. If you already have a telephone number with another provider, but you would like us to maintain and provide services for that number then you must port it to us.

Q. How do I port bulk numbers or a block of numbers?

Yes, simply use the form to the right of this page. If the numbers will not fit on the form, please use a continuation sheet. Numbers ports are managed in 100 number blocks, so if you have say 500 numbers to port, this may take a little longer than normal to facilitate.

Q. Can porting be reversed?

You can cancel a port up to 24 hours before the porting date. This will incur at administration charge of £50.

Q. Can I port services in addition to my number?

If you have any other services provided by your current supplier, such as (but not limited to) ADSL or Redcare, porting the number away may cease these services and you may need to pay additional charges to get them reconnected. You will also loose access to any services provided by your old telecoms supplier, such as voicemail. However, we provide first-class products to make your Windsor number work harder, such as free voicemail to email and instant rerouting. These are widely regarded as the best in the market. Click here to find out more.

Key Benefits of Porting to Windsor

The process of number porting is something we have had years of experience to perfect, which means you are in safe hands.

  • We guarantee to reduce your bills
  • No loss of service or calls
  • No administration on your part, we take care of everything
  • Dedicated Account Manager with direct line
  • Free live online call statistics
  • Free call divert service with Instant call rerouting
  • Free call minutes and many other features
  • My Windsor online portal to manage your numbers and call handling features

For a no obligation discussion about Porting your number(s), please complete our enquiry form or call 0333 123 1010.

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Porting Check for 03 and 08 Numbers

Please enter your 08, 03 number below to see if we are able to port it to our network. If you have a block of similar numbers please enter the first 8 common digits. If you have an 01 or 02 number you would like to port please call 0333 123 8080.

Number to Port:

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Porting Downloads

Porting in notice application form »
Note: This is a Word Document.
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