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Ofcom's pending announcement on 0800 numbers

Article Posted On 3rd November, 2011  

You know, an awful lot of companies aren’t getting the best results from their advertising. Do you know why? It’s not because they’re spending too little, or advertising in the wrong places. It’s because they’re using the wrong number to promote their business.

What’s the answer?

It’s been scientifically proven (by the Institute of Direct Marketing) 0800 numbers can improve advertising response by up to a phenomenal 185%. That’s fantastic news for your business. And if that’s not enough, we can exclusively reveal Ofcom is highly likely to rule mobile calls to 0800 numbers will soon be free*.

A study by the Henley Research Centre found 68% of people feel organisations with 0800 numbers care more about their customers. Think about it, if you had the choice to contact a company using 0800, or a business that charges just to take your call, which would you choose?

Those magic numbers are running out fast

Our 0800 ranges have always been popular, but we’re selling more than ever in light of Ofcom’s imminent announcement. In fact, we’re running out faster than X Factor is losing viewers! The BBC, Ebay Motors and Sony are just some of the savvy businesses who use our 0800 numbers, realising calls are going to increase rapidly once they’re free from mobiles.

Make your advertising work harder

Getting a £1,000 return from you latest campaign might make you happy. But, doesn’t £2,850 sound so much better? That’s the additional + 185% a 0800 number can generate for you.

Hassle and fuss free

We really want you to secure your 0800 number before they run out. Click here to see what numbers are still available and to reserve yours today.


If you can’t wait that long, call one of our Business Advisers on 0800 111 111 who can get your 0800 number up and running in less than five minutes. And if you purchase one this week, we'll even knock 15% off the price.

It’s a simple business no brainer, use a memorable 0800 number and increase your advertising response by that magic +185%

*Ofcom has been in consultation to tackle consumer concern and confusion over the cost of calling businesses and other organisations on numbers such as 08. Ofcom is proposing to standardise and simplify how a wide range of non-geographic numbers are priced which will help to promote transparency and competition in delivering services through these numbers. Under the proposals, calls to 0800 numbers will be free from mobiles. The proposals are imminent and are based on new powers which will be introduced as a result of revised European telecoms legislation.

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