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Keep your existing landline/mobile number.

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 Choose a highly memorable 0845 number.

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  No installation and same day activation.

  0845 Hosted in the Cloud. Tier 1 Telecom Network.

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Buy a National Business 0845 Phone Number

Perfect for companies looking to establish themselves as more than just a local business, without having to pay to receive calls. There is no connection fee, or set-up charge and we have thousands of 0845 numbers to choose from.

No set up or connection charges, just a simple monthly fee.
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If you decide to continue with the service after the free trial, you will pay a monthly fee (for 12 months) includes free call minutes when the number is routed to a UK Landline.

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0845 647 5133 0845 460 6605 0845 260 6885
0845 812 3319 0845 470 6962 0845 460 6466
0845 505 1440 0845 370 4944 0845 460 1714
0845 647 3340 0845 812 4471 0845 520 3331
0845 460 6336 0845 520 1195

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0845 Monthly Fee
0845 Number Type
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0845 Call Handling Package
0845 Call Stats Package
0845 Route to Landline only
0845 Route To Mobile only
Route to Landline & Mobile
0845 Extra Mobile Minutes
Our Very Best
Unlimited Free minutes per month
250 Free minutes per month
+£10 per month (250 mobile & unlimited landline mins) 
6p per minute (once free minutes are used up)

Why Windsor Telecom?

  • » We have been in business since 1997
  • » Thousands of delighted SME customers
  • » We aim to provide first class service
  • » Trusted by Ebay, BBC, Relate & RSPCA
  • » Tier 1 Networks, not VoIP

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Cost of Calling 0845 Numbers from UK

The cost varies depending on the network operator, but the cost is between 1p and 10.5p per minute from a landline. Most network providers offer free call packages and these sometimes include calls to 0845 numbers. It is possible to call an 0845 number from most countries.

How Do I Set-up an 0845 Number?

It is easy to buy a 0845 number. Simply choose an 0845 number from the list above and add it to your basket. Then click either Buy Now or Free Trial. The whole process takes less than 3 minutes and your 0845 number will be live the same day.

How much does an 0845 number cost?

Prices start from just £15 per month. More memorable 0845 numbers cost more (i.e. platinum and ultimate numbers attract a higher monthly charge). You get unlimited free minutes when the 0845 number is routed to a UK landline.

Diverting your 0845 to a Mobile Phone

You can choose to route all calls to your mobile and receive up to 250 call minutes per month for no additional cost. Extra minutes used over the 250 limit are charged at just 6p per minute. If you wish to receive calls both your landline and mobile, select our Mobile250 package for an additional £10 per month. There is also the option to use our Pay as You Go service (perfect if you wish to divert to your mobile on an occasional basis) - diverted calls are charged at 9.95p per minute. View Mobile Divert Costs.

0845 Number Fax To Email Service

You can also choose to use a 0845 telephone numbers as a Fax to Email line, where faxes are received via your email. This is a great alternative to having a fax machine, which is traditionally expensive what with the on-going maintenance and material costs. What's more, you don't need a physical landline if you choose Fax to Email, again saving you a lot money.

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  • "We have used Windsor Telecom services since 2006 and
    their products enable us to run our business professionally and very cost effectively. The systems are very easy to manage
    and we definitely wouldn’t be without them. Added to this the account management support is superb – very efficient and friendly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Windsor Telecom
    to any business."

    Debbie Wren, Partner, Dovetail

    "I decided to use Windsor Telecom having become
    disgruntled with my old supplier of 0845 numbers.
    not only are their prices competitive, but the service they provide is outstanding. They are always there to help and the team are a pleasure to deal with. The reporting side of Windsor is easy to use and very thorough. I would not hesitate in recommending Windsor Telecom to colleagues."

    Fergus, JJ Marketing

  • "Thanks to Windsor Telecoms revolutionary online call management system we don’t have to ever miss a single sales call. Our clients are guaranteed to speak to an agent every time without ever hearing an engaged tone. While the feature to divert anytime anywhere frees up our team to multi task on the go saving thousands on the cost of a desk bound telephone receptionist employee."

    Roni -

    "The convenience and speed that I can switch
    my 0845 number to wherever I am is is truly invaluable to my business and it was the best thing that I have ever purchased in fact without it my business would not have grown as it has in the past 5 years from a garden shed at the bottom of my garden to two modern factories we have today."

    Rick Gathercole, Managing Director - Lillypad Leisure

  • "I have been using Windsor Telecom for the last three years now and all I can say is I am completely satisfied not only the reliability of the system and billing process (easy to use and understand) but with the helpful and "can do" attitude of the staff. Windsor Telecom provide me with an exemplary service."

    Barry Paschali, Paschalli Greener Working Solutions

    "We've been using Windsor Telecom for a series
    of 0845 numbers for several years. Never a problem, always a great service and system, which is why we've recommended them to many friends and clients."

    Rory -

  • "As a start up business it was important for us to secure an easy to remember telephone number, have the ability to migrate it to another number, and to have continuity of service. Windsor telecom offered all this at a very competitive price. I have little to no need to contact them - which is a positive thing - as I have plenty to concentrate on as I grow the business! The on-line invoicing is clear and concise and is eco-friendly too being paperless which fits with our aims around sustainability too."

    Yvonne Finlayson -

    "Windsor Telecom have provided my company
    with a very easy to operate service, coupled with outstanding customer service. Our account manager responds to any queries almost immediately, with easy to follow instructions and constructive advice. I would recommend Windsor Telecom to others, with the only downside being that I wish I'd found them sooner!"

    Debi -

  • "Just wanted to say thanks for your help getting Instant call rerouting Plus added to our services so quickly. As usual your response was fantastic... I don't imagine that we are one of your bigger customers but we certainly feel like one of your important ones! Please pass on my thanks and best wishes to your team. Go Windsor!"

    John Palmer, Director, FloorPlan Online

    "From my initial call to Windsor Telecom they
    were helpful, knowledgeable and listened to what I actually needed before discussing solutions. One of the key points for us is the fact they have Account Managers meaning that you can actually talk to someone and receive a personal service – so many of the other providers will only communicate with you by email. 10 out of 10 for customer service!"

    Amber Melnyk, Director, Travel Demons Ltd

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