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Keep your existing landline/mobile number.

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 Choose a highly memorable 0845 number.

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Buy a National Business 0845 Phone Number

Perfect for companies looking to establish themselves as more than just a local business, without having to pay to receive calls. There is no connection fee, or set-up charge and we have thousands of 0845 numbers to choose from.

No set up or connection charges, just a simple monthly fee.
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If you decide to continue with the service after the free trial, you will pay a monthly fee (for 12 months) includes free call minutes when the number is routed to a UK Landline.

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0845 520 5233 0845 370 2612 0845 470 7710
0845 370 3699 0845 370 4944 0845 812 0604
0845 5050 552 0845 647 5766 0845 460 1714
0845 4700 474 0845 647 3340 0845 812 4471
0845 470 7477 0845 520 3331 0845 370 3633

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Unlimited Free minutes per month
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+£10 per month (250 mobile & unlimited landline mins) 
6p per minute (once free minutes are used up)

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Cost of Calling 0845 Numbers from UK

Calling an 0845 number is separated into two parts*: the Access Charge (an unregulated pence per minute cost set by caller’s phone company) and the Service Charge (regulated and set by the phone company that operates the number). Our Service Charge for 0845 numbers is 7p per minute (including VAT). *Ofcom introduced this Unbundled Pricing in July 2015.

How Do I Set-up an 0845 Number?

It is easy to buy a 0845 number. Simply choose an 0845 number from the list above and add it to your basket. Then click either Buy Now or Free Trial. The whole process takes less than 3 minutes and your 0845 number goes live the same day.

Remember, you must publish the Service Charge wherever you advertise or feature an 0845 number. The recommended format is ‘Calls cost Xppm plus your phone company's Access Charge'.

How much does an 0845 number cost?

Prices start from just £15 per month. More memorable 0845 numbers cost more (i.e. Platinum and Ultimate numbers attract a higher monthly charge). You get unlimited free minutes when the 0845 number is routed to a UK landline.

Diverting your 0845 to a Mobile Phone

You can choose to route all calls to your mobile and receive up to 250 call minutes per month for no additional cost. Extra minutes used over the 250 limit are charged at just 6p per minute. If you wish to receive calls to both your landline and mobile, select our Mobile250 package for an additional £10 per month. There is also the option to use our Pay As You Go service (perfect if you wish to occasionally divert to your mobile) - diverted calls are charged at 9.95p per minute. View Mobile Divert Costs.

0845 Number Fax To Email Service

You can also choose to use a 0845 telephone numbers as a Fax to Email line, where faxes are received via your email. This is a great alternative to having a fax machine, which is traditionally expensive what with the on-going maintenance and material costs. What's more, you don't need a physical landline if you choose Fax to Email, again saving you a lot money.

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